35 Years of Swingbridge Media: The State of the Region – Screening & Discussion

The video above was the first of a series of 8 excerpts that Hugh Kelly of Swingbridge Media showed at the first of two screening and discussion sessions marking 35 years of Swingbridge Media at the beautiful Tyneside Cinema on Sunday the 5th of May.

The excerpts illustrated Swingbridge’s work with young people across the region over their 35 year history and in particular the changes in the lives of young people in Scotswood and the Meadowell Estate in Tyneside. These aimed to encouraged a discussion of the State of the Region.

The Check it Out excerpt was shown on Youth TV in 1981 but has new resonance and meaning in the light of the recent death of Maggie Thatcher. It features a local young people discussing their experience of life on the dole (and their feelings about Maggie) and a young flame haired Hugh explaining why he was working with young people in the area and the methods he was using in the project (1.42). Continue reading

Connected Communities Showcase – 12th March, London

Here are a few images from our trip to London for the Connected Communities Showcase in London in March. Speakers included the Rt Hon. David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, Professor Rick Rylance, Chief Executive of the AHRC, and Connected Communities Programme Leadership Fellows Professor Keri Facer of Bristol University and Professor George McKay, University of Salford Continue reading

35 Years of Swingbridge Media – 5th & 12th May at the Tyneside Cinema

Hugh Kelly has produced over 200 films. Swingbridge Media, the company he set up, makes films mostly in community settings, working closely with the people the films focus on, involving them in creative and editorial decision processes, and behind the camera during the filming.

As part of the Remaking Society project there will be two screenings and discussion sessions which will explore his work over the past 35 years at the Tyneside Cinema on the 5th & 12th of May. The first will focus on the State of the Region. Continue reading

Imagining Possibilities – a conference exploring our initial findings

Here are a few images from our  recent conference, Imagining Possibilities: participatory arts and media and the creation of community wellbeing. Held at the Paisley Campus of the University of West of Scotland on the 1st of March it brought together participatory arts practitioners, academics and many others from the across Scotland and the UK to explore the initial findings of the Remaking Society project.

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Creating a ‘safe community’ in Fraserburgh

Our Kerrie delivered a paper on “Participatory Arts Practices and the Creation of ‘Safe Communities'” at a conference exploring “Penal Cultures. Reforms of Criminal Law in Poland in the Context of  European and  International Tendencies” at the University of Warsaw earlier in the year. The paper drew on some of our initial findings from our work with Modo in Fraserburgh and makes comparisons with Australia’s award winning Big hART project and explores how participatory arts practices such as Modo’s might help to prevent violence and crime. Below is an extract from the paper which will be included in a book edited by the conference organisers that will be published towards the end of the year. Continue reading

Film – Tackling Poverty in Northumberland in 2012

Here are some images from the production of Swingebridge Media’s film Tackling Poverty in Northumberland 2012. It shows the impact of poverty on young people. (Follow the link and use the password “Poverty” to watch it in full). The film will be part of a showcase celebrating 25 years of films made by Swingbridge Media at the Tyneside Cinema in May 2013. Join our mailing list for more details.

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Maelstrom – Theatre Modo

A thrilling parade through the streets of Fraserburgh brought to life by hundreds of young folk from the town and around. Maelstrom celebrates the stories, adventurers, songs and myths surrounding Kinnaird Head and its lighthouse. A stunning spectacle all finishing with a fantastic fiery finale.

Following on from Pandemonium, 2009 and Fantasmagoria, 2010 and Leviathan, 2011, Modo is working with school, youth and community groups to create Maelstrom, the Shell Fireworks Parade 2012, a sensational celebration of talent, culture and community.

Maelstrom is a youth regeneration project led by Modo in partnership with the Reaching Out Project, Community Planning Partners, Shell, Roofless, UZ and Aberdeenshire Council.

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